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Success Coaching

Prior to registering for the first semester, students are assigned an Academic Success Team consisting of a Success Coach and a Faculty Advisor.

Success Coaches help students transition into college and navigate challenges and barriers, while also motivating them toward success. Faculty Advisors also help students by providing academic and career guidance, to assure their goals match their chosen career path and program of study.

Through coaching and advising, students gain an understanding of college resources, develop the skills to make informed, independent decisions.

Success Coaches and Faculty Advisors are located in the Academic Success Office and throughout campus. Contact the Academic Success office for additional information relative to Success Coaching.

Outreach services are provided by Success Coaches as needed for students identified through the college’s Academic Alert system (Watermark) and Success Initiative programs.

Instructors, faculty, and staff may create an alert at the first sign of a problem. Sending the alert early helps the Success Team to be proactive in working with students to design a strategy to improve their academic situation, all the while, keeping the originator of the alert in the loop of the mentoring/coaching progress.

Watermark provides the student and their Success Team automatic alerts for first-week attendance, ongoing attendance, online class engagement, and low grade alerts. Watermark also helps keep the student and their Success Team apprised when the student meets program milestones, maintains grades, and grade point averages. Instructors may also send manual academic alerts (academic concern, academic planning, behavioral concern, plagiarism, or referral to career services, counseling, disability services, tutoring, success skills, and technology assistance, or financial assistance) through the Watermark system.

Throughout the year, the Academic Support office provides students opportunities to attend tutoring, events and workshops to increase the student’s success. The Academic Support office also provides on-going professional development opportunities for faculty relative to student success, learning, and engagement strategies. For additional information on these services, contact the Academic Support office.

Brunwick Campus Aerial

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