Motorcycle Training

North Carolina requires that all motorcycle riders have the “M” endorsement on their driver‘s license. This requires a written exam and successfully completing an obstacle course on a motorcycle at your local driver’s license office. Since it is illegal to ride a motorcycle without the endorsement new riders must transport a motorcycle to the examiner to complete the obstacle course, or get a learner’s permit. After successfully completing the Motorcycle Riders Course, you can present your course completion card to the license examiner and you will only be required to complete a written exam. Register online now or call 910.755.7320 to learn more.

Basic Rider Class

The Basic Ride class is designed for riders with little or no experience or those who want to become safer riders. Motorcycles are provided by Brunswick Community College. The registration fee is $157.00. Classes have an online portion that must be completed before entering class on Saturday and Sunday 8am-6pm (riding time both days). Classes meet in the Myong & Paul Jensen Workforce and Development Center (building L) and the adjacent parking lot. Rain will not delay or cancel riding instruction.

Please Note: When riding on the range, you will need to wear the following:

  • A DOT-approved helmet
  • Long sleeves, shirt or jacket
  • Long pants
  • Fingered gloves
  • Boots or shoes that cover the ankle
  • Eye protection or sunglasses, full-faced helmet or face shield.

Pre-registration required. No refunds once class starts.


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