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“Dive In” to Emergency Medical Sciences

If you know BCC’s Director of Emergency Medical Sciences (EMS) Chip Munna, you’ll undoubtedly agree that he is someone you want around in an emergency. During the last 30 years, Chip has done it all. What began with an EMT elective in college grew to include all facets of emergency services. He trained as a paramedic, firefighter, fire instructor, and law enforcement officer. Chip also worked in emergency management, search and rescue, and water rescue.

See what I mean?

Chip is living proof that community colleges, like BCC, are a great place to start your education. He earned an Associate in Applied Science at Wilson Community College and a Bachelor of Science degree at Western Carolina University. A little-known fact about Chip is that he did a lot of camping and caving back in college in the mountains of VA and WV. Along with outdoor adventure comes a good chance of accidental injury. Chip thought being an EMT could come in useful. Along the way, he met members of a local rescue squad who encouraged him to join them. The rest, he says, is history.

When asked which he preferred, working in the field or teaching in the classroom, Chip said it was an even split. “The field role allows you to have a direct positive impact on someone having a rough day,” he said. “As an instructor, I’m building a legacy of teaching others how to properly care for people having emergencies on both the medical and emotional support fronts.

Chip began his BCC journey in 1994 when he moved to Brunswick County and began teaching EMS courses. “BCC has a quality team of faculty and staff and a positive and supportive work environment,” said Chip. “It’s so important for both employees and students. It means a lot to me.”

While he plans to move back to Brunswick County soon, he lives in Wilmington with his family, including two dogs. Chip is still an outdoors guy, often in the garage, working on projects and enjoying his Star Wars Lego collection. Chip says that he is not a fan of sitting still. We are so glad and plan on keeping him active in EMS for many years.

You can get to know Chip and more about his role at BCC in the most recent episode of “Dive In.” Listen and learn as he talks EMS with BCC President Gene Smith.

Brunwick Campus Aerial

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