BCC Opens New Disc Golf Course

Brunswick Community College is excited to announce the opening of its first-ever Disc Golf Course. Located in the wooded area adjacent to Founder’s Field, the course features nine holes complete with its own unique brand of water traps and roughage with plenty of pine needles and trees along the way. BCC Instructor Samuel Pickett and local Disc Golf professional Deron Webb designed the course.

If you’re not familiar with Disc Golf, you are in for a treat. It’s a flying disc sport. While similar to traditional golf, players aim for a target instead of a hole. It’s great exercise, a way to enjoy the great outdoors, shaded on hot days, and pure fun. The best part is that anyone can play! The BCC course is open to the public and already in use.

We invite the entire community to enjoy this newest addition to our main campus and invite you to watch this video preview of the course and players in action!

Brunwick Campus Aerial

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