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BCC Hosts Nursing Disaster Response Training

Disaster Response Training

Yesterday was a truly inspiring day for our Nursing students as they participated in the BCC Disaster Response Training. We put our second-year students into teams serving as emergency responders during three intense scenarios, while our first-year ADN students acted as mock patients. We also had eight LPN students join the 2nd year ADN student teams, and five CEWD Advanced EMT students served as actors and helped the ADN students. Our Curriculum Paramedic students also played a vital role as actors and assisted the ADN students. Thank you to the Brunswick County EMS for providing their Mass Casualty Bus, ambulance, and water rescue boats. We were also honored to have Novant Health AirLink aeromedical helicopter on site. This training was an invaluable experience for our students, and we are grateful to everyone who helped make it possible. For all the event photos, visit the BCC Facebook Page .(

April 20, 2023


Brunwick Campus Aerial

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