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Research and Discovery Students Visit Bald Head Island

uncw/bcc dolphin research studentsBCC Instructors, like Dr. Kim Jones, are always on the lookout for unique learning opportunities for their students. Dr. Jones, BCC’s Dean of Arts & Sciences was instrumental in creating a joint student research project with UNCW on the study of dolphins and their fins.

On Friday, March 25, Dr. Jones took four UNCW/BCC HON 191 Research and Discovery students (Kyle Craig, Tecora Galloway, Chelsea Edmonds, and Lyndsey Jones) on a field trip to Bald Head Island that they won’t soon forget. It began with a great presentation by The Bald Head Island Conservancy. They explained their research, the type of internships they offer, and provided valuable advice concerning future career paths for our students.

The group visited “Old Baldy” and climbed to the top of the lighthouse where they were treated to a spectacular view. The best part were the three dolphins they observed by Fort Caswell Pier. The students zoomed in and snapped lots of pictures for use in their dolphin photo-identification research project. Great things are happening at BCC! To find out more visit BRUNSWICKCC.EDU.
Brunwick Campus Aerial

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