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If you are interested in submitting a grant on behalf of the College, you are required to obtain approval in advance of submission.  Please contact the Office of Planning & Research for more information on the approval process and use the Grant Request Form to request approval.

No grants may be submitted without prior screening by OPR and approval of the President. Additionally, federal grants require collaboration with and submission by the Office of Planning and Research.

Perkins Grant

The Carl D. Perkins Career Technical Education Grant is managed through the Office of Planning and Research.  BCC seeks opportunities and collaborations with other community colleges related to leverage federal funding to enhance career and technical education.

State Grant Opportunities

The Community Resource Information System (CRIS) helps local communities obtain information about state government financial assistance programs and other services. The most useful search tool will be to search by AGENCY.

Federal Grant Opportunities

All federal discretionary grants can be found on the website. It is also the main electronic submission site for federal grants. Brunswick Community College is a registered contractor of the federal government with official points of contact. Other than the Office of Planning and Research staff, no one is authorized to submit grants on behalf of the College.

Federal grants typically require a significant investment of time on the part of those writing, editing and submitting a grant in development. Faculty and staff interested in applying for a federal grant must coordinate through the Office of Planning and Research to assure there is adequate time for grant development and submission, as well being prepared to take lead writing responsibilities with support from OPR.

Other Relevant U.S. Department of Education Grant Information:

Ed Grant Forecast
Institutions of Higher Education Grant Information

Private and Corporate Grant Opportunities

Free resources are available to help local grants that become available through private foundations and corporate philanthropy. The following links are provided to assist with looking for grant opportunities that may match your interests: Foundation Center Online/Philanthropy News Digest Requests for Proposals: Use the right side Search function to search by subject or  keyword. (Please note that this site does not have ALL available RFP’s around the country from private foundations and corporate related philanthropy. Only those that are submitted to them from around the U.S.).

Additionally, this site will announce scholarship opportunities and award programs. A list serve is available that is sent out every Friday afternoon with the most current information and upcoming deadlines. If you are interested in Funder Profiles, you can use the free search tool to look up specific Grantmakers. The information provided is limited, but will provide you some basic information. For more detailed information about a specific grantmaker, contact the Office of Research and Planning.

Useful Grant Writing Resources

Wisconsin Philanthropy Network
Writing Guide (S.J. Levine, Michigan State University)

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