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Do you edit or proofread in the Writing Center?

We do not proofread or edit. In an effort to develop better writers, not just better writing, we equip writers with tools and resources they can apply to both current and future writing.

How many appointments can I make per day?

Because we want to allow students a chance to reflect on and apply what was discussed during a session, students are only able to make one appointment per day.

Why talk about ideas and organization if I only want a grammar check?

The Writing Center is an educational resource, so we want students to learn when using our services. Some writers expect us to “look over” their writing for grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes, but we would be doing them a disservice if we failed to alert them to more pressing concerns. Consider that if your writing does not clearly articulate your ideas, shuffling a comma or two likely won’t make a difference.


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