Leading to the Associate in Engineering (P1052C)

The College Transfer Pathway Leading to the Associate in Engineering is designed for high school students who wish to begin study toward the Associate in Engineering degree and a 4-year degree in a STEM or technical major.

Course Title Credits
English Composition (6 Credit Hours)
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry 3
ENG 112 Writing/Research in / Disciplines 3
Humanities, Fine Arts, and Communications (3 Credit Hours)
ART 111 Art Appreciation 3
ART 114 Art History Survey 3
ART 115 Art History Survey II 3
COM 231 Public Speaking 3
ENG 231 American Literature I 3
ENG 232 American Literature II 3
ENG 241 British Literature I 3
ENG 242 British Literature II 3
MUS 110 Music Appreciation 3
MUS 112 Introduction to Jazz 3
PHI 215 Philosophical Issues 3
PHI 240 Introduction to Ethics 3
Social/Behavioral Sciences (3 Credit Hours)
This course is required.
ECO 251 Principles of Microeconomics 3
Mathematics (8 Credit Hours)
Calculus I is the lowest level math course that will be accepted by the engineering programs for transfer as a math credit. Students who are not calculus-ready will need to take additional math courses. Students who do not place directly into MAT 271 must complete MAT 171 and MAT 172 prior to enrolling in MAT 271 Calculus I
MAT 271 Calculus I* 4
MAT 272 Calculus II 4
Natural Sciences (8 Credit Hours)
CHM 151 General Chemistry I 4
PHY 251 General Physics I 4
PHY 252 General Physics II 4
Academic Transition (1 Credit Hour)
ACA 122 College Transfer Success 1
Other Required Hours (5 Credit Hours)
EGR 150 Introduction to Engineering 2
DFT 170 Engineering Graphics 3
Total Program Credits 34

*Note: High school students in the College Transfer Pathway Leading to the Associate in Science must complete the entire pathway before taking additional courses in the Associate in Science degree with the exception of the mathematics courses beyond MAT 271.

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