Welding Technology

Welding Technology – Diploma (D50420)

The Welding Technology curriculum provides students with a sound understanding of the science, technology, and applications essential for successful employment in the welding and metalworking industry.

Instruction includes consumable and non- consumable electrode welding and cutting processes. Courses may include math, print reading, metallurgy, welding inspection, and destructive and non- destructive testing providing the student with industry-standard skills developed through classroom training and practical application.

Graduates of the Welding Technology curriculum may be employed as entry-level technicians in welding and metalworking industries. Career opportunities also exist in construction, manufacturing, fabrication, sales, quality control, supervision, and welding-related self-employment.

BCC also offers a Welding Technology Certificate option.

Course Title Credits
Fall Semester #1
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry 3
WLD 110 Cutting Processes 2
WLD 115AB SMAW (Stick) Plate 3
WLD 131 GTAW (TIG) Plate 4
WLD 117 Industrial SMAW 3
Semester Total 15
Spring Semester #1
WLD 141 Symbols & Specifications 3
WLD 115BB SMAW (Stick) Plate 2
WLD 121 GMAW (MIG) FCAW/Plate 4
WLD 132 GTAW (TIG) Plate/Pipe 3
Semester Total 12
Summer Semester #1
MAT 110 Math Measurement and Literacy 3
WLD 116 Industrial SMAW 4
WLD 261 Certification Practices 2
Semester Total 6
Welding Technology

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