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If you have been charged with a minor traffic violation in the 13th Judicial District (Bladen, Brunswick and Columbus counties, or any other county in that participates with the Defensive Driving program) you may elect to have your citation reduced by completing a Defensive Driving Course. This program is made available through Brunswick Community College and the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina to train motorists in the principles of defensive driving.


Brunswick Community College offers two Defensive Driving Courses and a BRC Motorcycle Course in PATHWAYS. If you are looking for a course that you do not see listed, contact [email protected]. To register for a course, click on the REGISTER ONLINE button and enter the course name in the Search field.

BRC Motorcycle Course

The Basic Rider CourseSM is 22 hours and designed for beginning riders of all ages. It is also a great course to reintroduce yourself to riding if you are re-entering motorcycling after not riding for a few years. The course is mandatory for motorcyclists under 18 in NC and includes classroom and range/riding time. Practical riding skills are developed in a controlled, off-street environment. Also, participants under 18 must have a release form from both their school and their parent/legal guardian to take this course. Participants must attend all sessions fully to get credit for the class. Graduates of the course will receive a waiver card for the NCDMV. This waiver card provides an NCDMV endorsement on your license without having to take the NCDMV riding test. You must still pass the NCDMV written test and vision exam to get your complete endorsement. Graduates will also receive a completion card. This card could potentially qualify you for discounts on your insurance.

Defensive Driving

Brunswick Community College is currently offering 4-Hour and 8-Hour Defensive Driving courses online. Please contact the
OneStop Center at [email protected] for more information. You will have up to 14 days to complete your training after entering into the online class for the first time. You may leave and return to the program as often as you like but access will expire after 14 days. If not complete from one month of registering with Brunswick Community College you will be required to re-register and make an additional payment. You must complete the entire course to earn your Certificate of Completion. The Safety and Health Council of North Carolina will e-mail you electronic notification of course completion within three business days. The Safety and Health Council of North Carolina will also provide an original, security controlled National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course Certificate of Completion. This Certificate will be mailed directly to you, by US Postal Service, at the address provided when you registered.

hands on a steering wheel

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