Culinary Arts

If you long to create inspiring cuisine using classical techniques, you’ve come to the right place. Creative entrees, artisan breads, charcuterie, French pastries—this is just the beginning of what students will learn here at Brunswick Community College Culinary Arts Program.

Located in the brand new Douglas Terhune Center for Culinary Arts, the Brunswick Community College Culinary Arts program prepares future working cooks and chef assistants in providing courses for students desiring personal enrichment and enhancing the skills and professional qualifications of chefs and cooks currently employed in the industry. The program provides students with intensive professional and practical experience and a hands-on approach to the daily operation of a professional kitchen.

Our programs focus on cooking skills development, problem-solving, and challenging students to critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of culinary operations and identify entrepreneurial approaches to operations.

Examples include:

  • Chef de cuisine
  • Sous chef
  • Expediter
  • Cooks and Assistants

If you love food, fine dining, and getting creative in the kitchen, follow your culinary passion! A career in the culinary arts may be for you, Bon Appétit. Here is some of what you have to look forward to learning.

Core Courses

chef chopping vegetables

Culinary Foundations

In this course, students will gain a fundamental understanding of safety, sanitation, and food preparation principles associated with commercial foodservice. Instruction will include project-based learning, portion control, inventory, teamwork, guest speakers, customer experiences, and feedback.

Culinary Edge

In this course, students will learn modern techniques in the preparation and presentation of food using sauté and grill techniques. Students will gain an understanding of the four workstations, including proper lock-down and clean-up procedures.


This course is designed for students who are interested or already working in the foodservice industry. Emphasis is placed on: attitude development; sanitation and safety; food service terminology and procedure; tools and equipment; and basic food preparation. An additional fee for the final exam is required during the final class. The fee must be paid with a credit card.

Baking & Pastries

This course provides students with the necessary skills to bake in a commercial establishment. The The Instructor will cover baking techniques, weights and measurements, terminology, and calculations. Students will utilize these skills and gain experience baking pies, breads and cakes.

International Cuisine

This course provides in-depth techniques for students interested in cuisine from Germanuy, Italy, Japan, and Spain. Each dish will concentrate on ingredients relevant to culture and geography. This is an approved CCP course for Brunswick County hig school students that have completed the pre-requisites.


Students will experience a fun, energetic, hands on training course as they learn to mix, pour, and serve cocktails. Students will also learn bar setup, basic hospitality skills, and proper customer service. Join us for this five-week, behind-the-bar training. Course highlights include:

  • Bar Set Up/ Prep.
  • Techniques (Garnishing)
  • Beer/Wine/Spirits
  • Mixology, Cocktail Recipes
  • NC ALE Laws/Age Requirements  
  • Alcohol Consumption Laws
  • Field Trip (Local Bar) 


Specialty Courses

Mediterranean Mezze
June 21, 2024; 6-9 PM

Whether preparing for a meal or a summer porch snack, Mediterranean Mezze s the perfect warm-weather platter. In this clas, you will learn how to make traditional hummus, tzatziki, and accompaniments for a taste of the Mediterranean here at home.

Farm to Fork
July 19, 2024; 6-9 PM or
August 16, 2024; 6-9 PM

This class is designed to help you learn how to source, shop, and prepare locally grown and in-season meals. Preparing locally grown and harvested produce and proteins that you can be confident of their journey from seed to plate! Eating locally isn’t just good for your health, it builds sustainable food systems for our area. Utilizing our local farms invests in our health and our farmers. Join us in nurturing community relations while preparing delicious food in a professional kitchen setting!

Taco Party
September 20, 2024

Learn regional taco styles and techniques to create your perfect taco from scratch. You will make taco proteins, guacamole, fresh salsa,and cilantro
lime crema!

Perfect Roast Chicken
October 18, 2024

Whether you are cooking for two, or ten, roasted chicken is always a crowd pleaser. A traditional recipe to put in your culinary repertoire — buttery, herb whole roasted chicken with vegetables, cooked to perfection!

Thanksgiving Pies
November 15, 2024, 6-9 PM

Come ready to prepare classic turkey day pies- pumpkin, pecan, and chocolate bourbon pecan! You will prepare these pies and take them home to freeze for the big day or enjoy then and have the recipe to make again for your Thanksgiving guests!

Hearty Winter Dinner
December 13, 2024; 6-9 PM

Learn how to make cider braised, herb chicken with wild rice and mushrooms. A one-pot meal that is sure to warm you up on cozy winter nights. The delicious cider adds a perfect balance of sweetness in contrast with the savory garlic and herbs. You will also get a roll recipe wonderful for cleaning up the plate and getting the last bit of the delicious sauce.


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