BIP Students Contribute to Life at BCC

As part of the Social Diversity course she teaches, Instructor Heather Crisco invited students from BCC’s Brunswick Interagency Program (BIP) to speak with her class. BIP Director, LeAnn Cecil, rounded up three volunteers, Henry, Don, and Stephen, and set to work helping her students put their thoughts on paper.

Earlier this week, the three longtime BIP students introduced themselves in a way that demonstrated how fortunate we are BCC to have them here. “There are so many aspects of diversity and to building a diverse society, including people with disabilities,” said Ms. Crisco. “Diversity makes the world go around as it’s the combination of our differences, race, religion, age, personal beliefs, to name just a few, that makes us great. We thoroughly enjoyed having them with us and thank them for taking the time to join us.”

Since 1985, BIP has served adults diagnosed with intellectual disabilities with the mission of helping students reach their full potential, become more independent, and fully participate in their communities. “We currently have 97 students in the program,” said Ms. Cecil. “Our primary focus is on adult literacy and vocational training, and we’re having tremendous success. Many of the students hold jobs, both on and off-campus, and even run a fully functioning greenhouse operation.”

All employment opportunities exist through partnerships with the North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, local employers, and BIP’s job coaches. On-campus jobs include food preparation, yard maintenance, custodial work, and cable box restoration.“Every student contributes something special to our school and the entire Brunswick County community,” said Ms. Cecil. “We loved being part of Ms. Crisco’s class and appreciated the opportunity to share news of our program.”

For more information about BIP, contact Ms. Cecil at 910-755-7381 or Nancy Locklear at 910-755-7402.

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